A few resources that helped me learn more about NFT Investing

A few resources that helped me learn more about NFT Investing

I've seen a lot of people lately sharing the same general feelings about NFTs - it's a bubble or a scam, or both. When I ask the same people what they're doing to learn about the market, they usually just said they read an article about a GIF selling for a lot of money and they think that's crazy.

I get it, that does sound crazy, at the same time, like any new(ish) market, it usually makes sense to do a deeper dive and understand it a bit better before casting judgement.

So I thought it could be helpful to share a few resources that I've found helpful to learn more about the NFT space and the potential investment opportunities. Please remember, I am not an NFT expert, or even an intermediate, I'm a beginner and still learning. That being said, I'm enjoying learning more about the investment-side of NFTs and I've found the best resources so far have been people that have already done made real money (i.e. six-figures or more in profit) investing in NFTs since they seem to know what they're doing.

On that note, if you spend a few hours going through the resources below I think you'll be armed with a lot more knowledge about the NFT world and decide if investing in NFTs is a path that makes sense to you. Enjoy!

  1. Zima Red interviews with Pranksy and GMoney - Pranksy and GMoney are two people who have done very well in the NFT space and they both have super interesting interviews on Zima Red. I would highly recommend listening to both as your first step towards understanding the investment side of the NFT space. Here's links to both: Pranksy on Zima Red, GMoney on Zima Red.
  2. The NFT Collectors Playbook from Whale Shark - a guy who goes by "Whale Shark" owns 210,000 NFTs, he's made millions in the NFT space and he did an awesome interview with CoinDesk that I think really is required reading for anyone interested in NFT investing. He also shares a lot of great resources in this article so you can learn from him and also pick up some good tips about where to go to continue to learn more.
  3. Twitter and Discord - the NFT community lives on Twitter and Discord. If you open up the "Topics" section on Twitter, you'll see NFTs there, follow it and you'll start seeing a lot more discussion around NFTs in your feed. Once you find a couple of projects that you're interested in, join their Discord and you'll find a whole community of people that can help you learn more.

NFTs are definitely not something you can understand by reading a couple of articles about a couple large NFT art sales. You probably aren't going to buy a $69M Beeple or a $1M CryptoPunk so it's important to understand how people actually got their start in the NFT world and where the opportunities are now.

It's also important to remember that these are still the early days and things will be changing constantly, the more time you spend learning the better, or at least that's my approach. And of course - this is an incredible risky and speculative market, don't put any money in that you aren't okay losing.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.