Last night, while we were all arguing about horses, a Gutter Cat sold for 3.77ETH

Last night, while we were all arguing about horses, a Gutter Cat sold for 3.77ETH

Last night a segment of the NFT community (myself included) was thrust into chaos as Zed Run's latest drop didn't go according to plan. Well it turns out, while me and many others were freaking out about virtual horses, a Gutter Cat changed hands for 3.77ETH. I learned about the sale this morning when I was poking around on Twitter thanks to this tweet:

Gutter Cat sold for 3.77ETH

So of course, after seeing this tweet I did a quick search on OpenSea and found the Gutter Cat that sold last night for 3.77ETH, here it is:

Gutter Cat 289

Popping over to Rarity.Tools I can see that Gutter Cat #289 has a rarity of 51, here's the dets:

Gutter Cat 289 Rarity

As usual, laser eyes wins the day and that ETH had is pretty badass, let's be honest. What's interesting here is that Gutter Cats is a very new project and this is a pretty stellar sale only a few days after launch.

I started poking around on OpenSea more and found that this wasn't an isolated sale, there are a number of other Gutter Cats that sold in the 3ETH+ range. Here's some examples:

Gutter Cat 999

Gutter Cat #999 sold for 3.5ETH this morning, it has a rarity rank of 270 and I'm thinking the fact that it's #999 and all gold propped up the value a bit.

Gutter Cat 552

Gutter Cat #552 sold for 3.45ETH last night, with a rarity rank of 61 this seems aligned with the sale of Gutter Cat #289.

I think it's safe to say that the floor of Gutter Cats is going up, and as many of you know, I have four cats of my own, so full disclosure there, and as an investor I'm excited. There has been a lot of controversy around Gutter Cats, if you missed it feel free to read this post to get all caught up.

At the end of the day, I think there's a real community forming around Gutter Cats and I think that's awesome. I don't think we need to require that NFT Investors align with one project or another. My profile picture is still an ape, and I'm not planning on changing it to a cat, but I love my cats and think the project has a bright future. I also like my Yetis and my Space Ape - in short, I'm an NFT-lover.

Congrats to the Gutter Cat owners making these sales and to the new owners who clearly really wanted these cats, and thanks to @cryptopunk237 for tipping me off here! 🙌