Hi, I'm Morgan, and I love NFTs. The first thing to understand about me, and this site is that I'm not an expert, guru, or visionary in the NFT world. I have no course to sell, no coaching program, and no real plans to start offering either.

So who am I and why did I start a site about investing in NFTs?

Well I guess it all started with my love for collecting things which all started when I was a kid and began collecting baseball cards. From there I moved onto Marvel cards, and then in 2007 I stumbled across domain names which quickly became my investment focus. I've been writing a daily blog about domain name investing which has been a lot of fun and helped me discover my passion for writing.

Domain names changed my life in many ways, both financially and socially as I connected with a group of people wired to grow their wealth with digital, rather than physical assets. So when crypto started to gain some steam in 2017 I jumped in, focused primarily on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Then crypto changed my life as something I assumed was a longshot (but truly believed in) turned into something real. As I looked to diversify my crypto portfolio NFTs seemed like a great way to put some of my ETH to work. So I started diving into the world of NFTs in January of 2021.

So while I'm not new to the crypto world, I am new to the NFT world, but I'm having a blast learning and wanted an outlet to share what I learn. This is that outlet. Like I said, I'm not an expert, and I'm not writing this blog to sell courses or expensive coaching sessions, I'm just writing it because I'm having a lot of fun with NFTs and I love to write.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to get updates as new posts go live and follow the blog on Twitter @nftinvesting. Thanks for reading!