Bored Apes Convened in LA last night, and it looked awesome

Bored Apes Convened in LA last night, and it looked awesome

Well if you were on Twitter last night there's a very good chance you saw plenty of tweets about a Bored Ape meetup in LA, Venice Beach to be exact. I live in San Francisco but I used to live in LA and where the meetup was held was in my old stomping safe to say I was pretty darn jealous.

Luckily a lot of apes took to Twitter to share photos and as you can see, it was a pretty big crowd. I expect we'll be seeing a lot more events like these pop up over the country and it also gives me some inspiration to try to get things in gear for a San Francisco Meetup!

So if you missed the MeetUp or missed the tweets, I've got you, or more like, other apes who were there got you and I'm sharing the photos with you and giving credit where credit is due!

BAYC Venice Meetup
Photo credit - @topshotwickie

This photo above is probably my favorite, taken by @topshotwickie (or at least shared by them on Twitter) it's the whole crew together.

BAYC Meeting Townhouse
Photo credit - Josh Ong

If you've been to Venice Beach before you probably know Windward Ave which is home to both a super cool NFT gallery along with Townhouse, which was originally established in 1915. I used to go to Townhouse all the time and it has a pretty darn interesting history, if you want to read more about it, check this out.

BAYC Meetup NFT Gallery
Photo credit - Josh Ong

NFT galleries like the one above I think are going to become a regular thing all over the world. The ability for a gallery to instantly update it's exhibition has been a long time coming and NFTs are going to drive this change faster than ever.

BAYC Meetup Banana
Photo credit - Josh Ong

Of course, no Meetup with a lively group of swamp apes would be complete without a rogue banana or two and Josh shared on Twitter both this photo and the fact that he found a few bananas lying around...

Josh Ong - Bored Ape Meetup Banana

Of course people also took the opportunity to pose with their ape in the gallery, here's a photo of Irina with her ape:

Photo Credit - @IrinaLiakh

Congrats to all the apes out there who were able to attend the event last night, I'm jealous, and can't wait to do the same in SF! On that note, SF apes, let's make this happen! 🙌

(Cover photo credit - Justin Taylor)