Bored Apes hints at new collab with RTFKT Studios

Bored Apes hints at new collab with RTFKT Studios

For a while people in the BAYC community have been asking for a Bored Ape x FTFKT Studios collab, because, as many have said, apes need shoes too. I thought this was bound to happen and now it's clear, it's happening soon as Bored Ape Yacht club sent out the following tweet nine minutes ago...

BAYC and RTFKT Studios

If you haven't heard of RTFKT Studios, let me break it down because this is going to be an awesome collab. RTFKT Studios was started in January of last year and has quickly become famous for their virtual sneakers that have taken the metaverse by storm. Here's a bit more about the company:

Formed by three friends at the beginning of the COVID era in Jan 2020, RTFKT was born on the metaverse, and this has defined its feel to this day.

RTFKT is a very eclectic, creator led organisation. RTFKT uses the latest in game engines, NFT , blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one of a kind sneakers and digital artifacts.

RTFKT is known to be creating viral sneaker designs, memes and collectible exclusives. RTFKT has maintained a reputation of being more than a little ahead of the cutting edge of technology, a rep that has many mystified, as they would appear to lack the resources and manpower to rival giants in terms of research and development in the birth of digital fashion. (Source -

If you're going to get some cool kicks for the metaverse, chances are you'll be getting them from RTFKT and well, not surprisingly, myself and many other apes have been hoping to see a collab with BAYC. Today is the day and as you can tell from the sketch, it looks like the first shoes to be released will be boat shoes which is incredibly fitting for a Yacht Club right?

The BAYC community is going nuts on Twitter right now and with all the momentum Bored Apes have seen in the last week this really is the icing on the cake. Can't wait to get my new kicks 👟 🔥 🔥 🔥

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