Shocking news from Bulls on the Block as new video from Rui is released this morning

Shocking news from Bulls on the Block as new video from Rui is released this morning

Well it has been an eventful Saturday in the NFT world and one that has me ready to put down my iPad and take a little nap because it's been intense. The morning kicked off with Gutter Cat Gang announcing two new species and a frenzy to get MintPasses, and then the Bulls on the Block community went haywire as this video was released from Rui, the artist behind the project:

I watched the video and like most people am still trying to take it all in. For those who don't watch it but do want the highlight's here's a good summary:

  • Rui Duarte is actually two people
  • This was not disclosed to the BOTB devs, and when they found out they felt betrayed
  • Rui is the name of the artist, he's the guy in the video, and he said his partner, Duarte seems to have gone dark
  • In the video Rui apologizes for not being upfront about the fact that there were actually two people but also emphasizes that he always delivered all his art, on time and pixel perfect
  • Rui now feels like all the blame is being put on him when he feels like he's actually put his heart and soul into his art and BOTB

While I'm still digesting all of this I was really touched by Rui's video and felt sad at the end. To me, it really feels like Rui is someone who cares, is proud of his art, and feels like this lack of disclosure shouldn't define him.

As you can imagine, the Bulls Discord has been absolutely insanity since the video dropped and the following was posted in the #announcements channel:

Damp - Bulls On The Block

This will definitely be an evolving story and I'm still taking in a lot of data so I'll leave this here for now. I do hope Bulls on the Block is able to turn this around because they have built a strong community and people, myself included, do really dig the art for both the bulls and the bears.