Double trouble - Gutter Cats and Super Yeti's launch this afternoon

Double trouble - Gutter Cats and Super Yeti's launch this afternoon

Well it's safe to say that today is going to be a busy day in the NFT world as two project that have had a lot of buzz Gutter Cats and SuperYeti launch this afternoon with less than a two hour window between each. I'm not exactly sure how the timing of both launches ended up being so similar but I'd have to imagine it was a mistake and not by design. The timing is also a bit strange as it's in the middle of most people's workdays...

That being said, I'm excited about both of these projects and will be doing my best to mint some cats and yetis today. I wrote about Gutter Cats a little bit ago so you can read the article if you want to understand that project a bit more.

As for SuperYeti's, this just hit my radar today and it looks like a fun project. Here's a quick overview that I've tried to condense down to make life easier for people trying to figure all of this out quickly:

  • 10,000 NFTs total
  • Each NFT is a 3D interactive character
  • Created through an ERC-721 contract, backed by IPFS, registered on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Launching alongside the "Yetiverse" a pay-to-earn game where SuperYetis own land, breed, and compete to protect the Yetiverse

While the SuperYeti NFTs are launching today, the Yetiverse is slated for early 2022.

So I know what most people will ask me so I may as well share it - "which project am I more excited about?"

I think that SuperYeti sounds like it has a lot more going on FWIW, and if they can pull off creating their own metaverse and game to go with it, that would be 🔥 What I think makes Gutter Cats interesting is that only 3,000 will exist so there's some scarcity there that could make these more valuable individually over time. But I'll probably end up minting more Yeti's than cats because it feels like there could be some pretty interesting utility and benefits to Yeti's that I'm pretty excited about.

Of course, with new NFT projects like these, it could all be hype and a year from now they could both be worth nothing, but that's the risk we all take investing in NFTs. As I've said many times before but can't stress enough - only put money into NFTs that you're okay losing forever. These are still the very early days NFTs and it's still too early to really know where any of this is going.

That being said, this should be a pretty interesting afternoon, I'm still surprised that both of these projects decided to launch mid-workday on a Tuesday within two hours of each other...but maybe that gives an advantage to geeks like me who has alarms set for each minting time? 🤷‍♂️

Good luck to both - they seem like interesting projects and I'm crossing my fingers I get something nice and rare in both mintings! 🤞

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.