gmoney just launched a new NFT project - Admit One, and the backstory is awesome

gmoney just launched a new NFT project - Admit One, and the backstory is awesome

When it comes to real, authentic leaders in the NFT space, gmoney is high if not at the very top of my list. While I've never met gmoney, and I missed out on getting in early on what he's currently doing, I've been a fan ever since I minted my first Punks Comic. Since then he's continued to deliver over and over again, so I was pretty excited to see this tweet when I finished work tonight ⬇️

(link to the original tweet)

Going to the site takes you to a mint page for Admit One, which I immediately got excited about, connected my wallet, and then realized that I don't seem to have anything that qualifies me to participate. That's okay, I'm still just as excited and I noticed a link at the top labeled "Manifesto" that was too tempting not to read 🧐

In his Manifesto, gmoney talks about an exhibition he did in Miami titled "Pixelated" back in April of 2021. During this event gmoney had a bit of an aha moment ⬇️

But after that opening event, it became clear that something more important was happening. I became convinced that crypto culture would eventually permeate mainstream culture and some of the most influential brands on the planet would be born out of this space. This was no longer just a trade for me. Even though I didn't know how I was going to do it, I knew right then and there that I would build a community that embraced this cultural phenomena. And I would do it slowly, deliberately, and in broad daylight. (Source -

After this experience gmoney got to work and ended up holding a 3-day POAP event at Bitcoin Miami in June. Along with people attending the event, gmoney starting giving out POAPs to people who listened to his podcast and who he met during this travels. I'm still kicking myself for not being more active in gmoney's circle at this time, but I certainly son't be making that mistake twice, so it goes!

Today, the drop started, there are 1,000 NFTs in the Admit One drop, and early contributors to the gmoney community are the lucky recipients. There's no cost to mint and gmoney isn't making any money in the process, which as we all know is rare these days, but I'm not surprised coming from gmoney because he's a community builder above all else IMO.

Here's the skinny on the Admit One launch ⬇️

As there are only 1,000 spots in the Admit One drop, I wanted to be very thoughtful as to how I would distribute the tokens to such an intimate group.
The first 11 Admit One tickets will be airdropped to the 11 wallets that own all 3 of the Bitcoin Miami NFT's, in the order that they completed the set. These people spent multiple hours across multiple days to support me at the very beginning and for that I am forever grateful.
200 guaranteed spots will be allocated to a hand-selected group of people who I think will be valuable members of the community at genesis. From this list, 59% are women involved in the NFT space.
698 spots are available for 1251 wallets that are eligible from the POAP list.
60 spots for the partners/team members that helped me execute this vision.
30 spots for future distribution.
Any remaining NFT's after the mint closes will be used for future distribution.

Along with the drop, gmoney also released a zero-fee marketplace today for all things gmoney starting with, adidas into the metaverse, the gmoney brick breaker game, and the Admit One NFT that's dropping as we speak.

I would highly recommend everyone give gmoney's Manifesto a read, it's awesome and shows why so many people (myself included 🙋‍♂️) look up to gmoney, he's just a real, authentic person who clearly cares a lot about the industry.

The floor on Admit One is 11ETH, which as of me writing this comes out to around $22,000 USD. Something tells me this will be the lowest price you'll be able to pick one of these up for, ever, but I don't have a crystal ball so don't take my word for it. That being said, it's projects like this that often start with one NFT and then provide countless new benefits and additional NFTs to their holders. With only 1,000 Admit One NFTs, this is going to be a very small community that is likely to get some very special things as the journey unfolds.

I haven't been this excited about a new drop in a long time. Congrats to gmoney, it's awesome to see you in action, here's to the journey ahead 🚀

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. The author does plan to invest in this project.