How I got started in the NFT world and where I am now

How I got started in the NFT world and where I am now

I started investing in crypto back in 2017, BTC and ETH were my jam, and they still are today. I lightly followed CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks but I just didn't get it, why would these 2D images be worth anything, ever?


Well I guess only half ooops because I got the crypto part right. And that being said, while I wasn't super early to NFTs, I believe these are still the very early days. The reality is, 99% of people on earth don't have any idea how to buy NFTs, and most of them wouldn't buy them if they knew how because, like me six years ago, they don't get it.

I didn't start drinking the NFT Kool-Aid until January of this year (2021) and while at first I thought I might be late to the party, I can tell you that I think I'm still very early. The first project to catch my eye was Space Apes thanks to an interesting interview with Gmoney on Zima Red where he mentioned that his favorite NFT was his Space Ape.

From there I quickly discovered the Bored Ape Yacht Club and joined with Ape #566. I've been so impressed with how quickly the community around BAYC developed and before I knew it I felt like I have 9,999 new friends on Twitter. After that a friend told me about 3D Baby Punks (I now have four babies!) and Apymon and I jumped on those to get in early.

Then LarvaLabs dropped Meebits and that was the tipping point for me. When I was a teenager I read an amazing book called Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson - it introduced the concept of the Metaverse to me. It blew my mind, and since then I've been totally fascinated by the concept of a virtual world where people all over the world interact and in many ways live a whole different version of their lives together.

I strongly believe that the Metaverse will become a real thing in the next ten years. LarvaLabs has the same vision and Meebits stand a good chance of being one of the coolest avatars you can have in the Metaverse.

So to recap, my first real foray into NFTs was Space Apes, then I let the ape trend continue with Bored Apes, then Meebits and then all of that seemed to serve as a gateway drug to NBA Top Shot. I've been a basketball fan for years, honestly it's the only sport I watch so it has been a lot of fun to get into. What I like about Top Shot is that it's one of the NFT projects that I think really goes broad and captures an audience beyond geeky crypto people like me.

Which brings us to today. Right now the next NFT project I'm looking into is Zed Run. If you don't know what Zed Run is (Zed.Run) it's the most popular NFT game at the moment, and the concept is relatively simple at a high level - it's all about racing and breeding virtual horses. What I find really interesting about Zed Run is that if you're okay dropping a bit more money (say ~$15k), you can get a Genesis horse, which you can breed and then start selling relatively valuable horses. Oh and of course the racing element sounds super fun.

I'm still in the research phase with Zed Run but expect to see a post about them soon sharing what I learn. One thing I haven't mentioned is some of the unique music NFTs I've dabbled in - I have an awesome one from Calvin Harris and another from 3Lau. It's still so early that I don't know how these will do over time as investments but I'm glad I have a few in my collection.

Okay - that about covers it, now you know a bit more about my adventures in the NFT world so far, I'm looking forward to continuing to share the journey with you. I think we all know this is the beginning of something big.