Interview with Bulls on the Block - how they staged one heck of an NFT turnaround story

Bulls on the Block

Early on my journey into the world of NFTs I found out about a project called Bulls on the Block - the art instantly caught my eye, I joined the Discord, and the community did the rest.

I was so excited on minting day, blocked off the time, jumped in and, well, it looks like I wasn't the only person who was excited. Gas wars were in full effect and I wasn't able to mint. Of course, I didn't let that deter me. I hopped on OpenSea and built a solid arsenal of Bulls including this amazing Lava Bull that quickly became one of my favorite NFTs in my portfolio ⬇️

Morgan's Lava Bull

The vibe was great in the beginning but then, something happened, the floor started to drop and drop, and drop some more. A good chunk of the people who had bought Bulls when I did sold their Bulls and suggested I do the same.

For me, nothing changed, I still loved the Bulls. I didn't sell a single Bull, I hung in there and minted all my bears, and I just sat tight. What I saw was a community that was still so excited and unified and seeing the project turn around.

And turn around it has. Bulls on the Block is in the midst of what I think could become an incredible part of NFT history. The whole story arc of this project is so interesting I decided I wanted to do an in-depth interview with the founding team to really go deep and share the whole story.

The team initially sent over answers to questions which some of you may have already read. After publishing, the team asked if we could do a redo and of course I said yes. So I'll be updating this post once v2 of the answers is ready to rock.

I know how busy the team is so really appreciate them taking the time to share more with all of you. Stay-tuned!