It's probably true - 90% of Avatar NFT projects will go the way of the dodo

It's probably true - 90% of Avatar NFT projects will go the way of the dodo

One of the first articles I read when I was first getting into NFTs was an interview with WhaleSharkPro where he said that 99.99% of NFT projects will fail. While I don't think the failure rate will be that high, I do think the vast majority of NFT projects will fail and yes - all the cool Avatar NFT projects we know and love today will get caught in the downfall.

Of course, not all projects will fail, and like most asset classes it's all about finding the opportunities where there's real long-term value. So a 99.99% failure rate is probably too high, I do think ~90% of Avatar NFT projects will fail, but I'm an optimist so the way I see it is, 10% will succeed.

Today on Twitter there was an awesome thread about this and I thought it was too damn interesting not to share with the rest of you. I think the author, who goes by @thedigitalvee on Twitter nailed it. Enjoy!

Thanks to Vee for sharing, this is one of the best tweets I've seen yet about NFTs. Realistic, sobering, but also sharing what we, as NFT investors can do, to make sure we're focusing on the right projects that have real meaningful long-term potential. In short - Vee you rock 🙌

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