goes Quarterly goes Quarterly

Phew, time flies, and I'm also finding I have a lot less time these days to write. As many of you already know, I am the co-founder of an awesome startup where I lead our engineering team. We're growing fast and that's taking up just about every waking minute of my day.

That being said, I love writing, but in all honesty I enjoy writing fiction, Science Fiction specifically, a lot more than journalistic content like you find on this site. Isaac Asimov is my jam and if you want to read one of my favorites, I highly recommend Caves of Steel - it's a masterpiece:

So I've decided to move this site to a quarterly blog with an update once a quarter on the state of the NFT space from an investor's standpoint. Now don't mistake this for any lack of enthusiasm around NFTs, the space is on fire and I couldn't be more excited about all of the amazing things companies like Yuga Labs or RTFKT are doing - seriously, they're innovating like crazy and taking investors on one heck of a ride.

If you want to read any of the fiction I'm writing, feel free to check out my personal blog where I'm writing a novel, chapter-by-chapter in public - you can find it at

Thanks for reading and see you at the end of Q1!