OpenSea Announces you can now buy NFTs with ApeCoin

OpenSea Announces you can now buy NFTs with ApeCoin

As if it wasn't exciting enough that the Otherside Metaverse land drop is tomorrow, OpenSea made an announcement tonight that has set the NFT Twitterverse on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

We owe a lot of gratitude to our fellow ape Diggin-it - DinoFam who was the first to notice and post on Twitter. OpenSea confirmed in the best way possible, with a little emoji we've all grown to love, and is really well, probably nothing 👀

Rumors quickly started to spread across Twitter that along with support for ApeCoin, users were noticing that people paying with ApeCoin weren't charged the usual 2.5% OpenSea fee. These rumors spread fast and I was one of the people who started doing the happy dance 🕺

Soon more and more people started to test the theory and it seems that as of now it has been debunked as fees are showing up. Now it looks like shortly after adding ApeCoin there was a UI bug that wasn't showing fees which is what started the rumors.

This situation is fluid and neither OpenSea or ApeCoin has posted anything on their blogs...yet. That being said, it's safe to say the news will be all over Decrypt, CoinDesk and just about every Crypto blog tomorrow morning. I might just be the only crazy person up at 9:24pm blogging about this 😜

So what's ahead for this weekend? Probably nothing 👀

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