OpenSea takes down Nifty Tailor's NFT Collection

OpenSea takes down Nifty Tailor's NFT Collection

Nifty Tailor has become a core part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. Whether it's suiting up for Christie's or donning an $ape hoodie to celebrate ApeCoin, Nifty Tailor has been the go-to fashion designer for Bored Apes around the world.

I've been a big fan of Nifty Tailor and also always impressed at how much they have done for the community for free, for so long. So I was excited when Nifty Tailor decided to drop their own NFT and the community responded as the project sold out in one hour.

There's no doubt that when it comes to trust and competence, Nifty Tailor has the respect of Bored Apes old and new. So I was incredibly shocked when I read this tweet:

This is pretty mind boggling as there are fake collections all over OpenSea, that are so clearly scams that stay up for months despite tons of people reporting it. And I'm not alone in drawing this parallel as Nifty Tailor did the same in a follow-up to their tweet:

So what happened here? And why isn't OpenSea responding? I don't have any answers right now but I'm writing this article to spread the word and hopefully get some answers because Nifty Tailor has done so much for the community, this is the last thing he deserves.

If anyone from OpenSea is reading this - get back to Nifty Tailor, have a conversation. Let's get Nifty's collection back up today.

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