Punks Comic is one of the most in-depth NFTs offerings I've seen

Punks Comic is one of the most in-depth NFTs offerings I've seen

I recently discovered a new NFT project that I'm pretty excited about and thought was worth sharing more about - it's called Punks Comic and it's easily one of the most in-depth offerings I've seen. At first I thought this project was just focused on making a digital comic, that alone was cool - then I went to the site to learn more and found out it's a lot more than that.

Started by Pixel Vault, a media company focused on elevating crypto-native assets, Punks Comic is at it's core, a comic about a group of CryptoPunks. To be more specific, these specific CryptoPunks:

Pixel Vault Punks

Yes, Pixel Vault owns all the CryptoPunks (currently valued at $4.5M) you see above and with Punks Comic they bring them all to live in comic form. That alone is a pretty cool idea, and honestly, I'd mint that comic as it is because I just love the idea.

But wait there's more, and a lot more.

When you mint a comic, you also get a physical copy of the 24-page full color comic which is pretty darn cool. But where things really get interesting is what you can do with your comic. There are two core things you can do with your newly minted comic:

  1. Stake it to earn fractional tokens of the 16 CryptoPunks in the vault
  2. Burn it to earn a "Founders Vault" token backed by the assets in the founders vault

Here's the dets on staking:

Staking Punks Comic

and here's the skinny on burning:

Upon burning a Genesis Comic NFT, you will receive a Founder’s Token. The Founder’s Token represents proportional ownership in the Pixel Vault Founder’s Vault (the “Vault”). The only way to participate in the Vault is through the burning of the Genesis Comic (that includes the Pixel Vault team as we have retained no Founder’s Tokens). The window for burning the Genesis Comic in exchange for a Founder's Token will close upon the release of PUNKS Comic Issue 2.
Once this window is closed, the supply of Founder's Tokens will be final.Inside the Founders Vault are the amazing works (shown above) along with a 25% allocation of the PUNKS Fractional tokens. The Vault will have new unique artwork and collectibles added over each subsequent Pixel Vault project. The Founder’s Vault is intended to be a collection of long-term holders looking to build a community around these characters. Founder's Token holders will have access to a private Discord to discuss the future of the PUNKS project, the Vault, and more. The long-term fate of the Founder’s Vault will be determined by a vote of the holders of the Token - these holders will have full governance over the Vault and it’s contents (buyouts, fractionalization, etc).
Approximate value of the Vault at inception is 600 ETH. Maximum supply of Founders Vault tokens is 10,000 and would require every Genesis comic to be burned. The original works in the Vault will be transferred to a custom trustless smart contract by July 2021.

One pretty neat bonus the Punks Comic crew added to the mix is PUNKS NFTs that will be given to 27 random mints. Here's a bit more about what that means:

27 random punks Mint

So yeah, now you see why I said this is one of the most in-depth NFT offerings I've ever seen, honestly it's pretty nuts to put all this together. I had to read the site a few times to really understand everything and there's a chance that at this point your head is spinning trying to understand everything that you get when you mint a Punks Comic.

To bring it all together, here's everything you get when you mint, and yes, the price to mint is just 0.2ETH, and no Punks Comic is not a sponsor or in any way associated with my blog, I just love the project!

Punks Comic Overview

When I first heard about the project I minted one comic, then yesterday I thought about it more and realized, you know it would be cool to stake and burn a comic, so I minted a second this week. Like I said, Pixel Vault isn't a sponsor and I don't know anyone over there, I'm just a fan of what they're doing and think more people should know about this awesome project.

Congrats to the Pixel Vault team and thanks for making this, looking forward to the adventure ahead!

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.