Some notes on Wolf Game v1 and v2

Some notes on Wolf Game v1 and v2

For most of my time in the NFT space I've been pretty laser-focused on Bored Ape Yacht Club and the ecosystem around it. My plan for 2023 is to continue to stay pretty laser-focused on BAYC and I'm pretty excited about the Otherside Metaverse.

That being said, it's hard to ignore all of the energy coming from Wolf Game, so I'm starting to think I'd probably be crazy not to at least take the time to learn more.

Rather than writing a structured blog post about something I know very little about, I thought I'd just share my notes on what I've learned so far about v1 and v2 of Wolf Game.

  • the main site for Wolf Game is
  • Wolf Game is run by an undoxxed person who is known as The Sheperd
  • the game started in November of 2021 with 10,000 Gen 0 assets minted for 0.069420 ETH and 40,000 Gen 1 sheep and wolves minted with $WOOL
  • in the initial mint you ended up with either a Gen 0 sheep or a Gen 0 wolf with a lot better chance of getting a sheep
  • the initial game was pretty simple but also the first of it's kind because it introduced a mechanic where one NFT could actually steal another NFT
  • basic gameplay in v1 of the game was - you put your sheep in the barn, they produce $WOOL, the wolves get 20% of the $wool in exchange for not going into the barn and eating all the sheep. When a sheep is in the barn it's essentially staked, so you can't sell it. If you do leave the barn, there's a chance a wolf steals your sheep, i.e. the owner of the wolf gets your sheep
  • v1 gameplay also ended in November of 2021 and it sounds like it ended due to a smart contract vulnerability which catalyzed a move to a new contract and a duplication of NFTs from one contract to another
  • this vulnerability also changed the dynamics of the game and The Sheperd decided that there would only be 10,000 Gen 0 and 3,809 Gen 1
  • when the game move to the new smart contract, it was also announced that the full game would be coming in 2022 and would introduce three new mechanics: breeding, resource accumulation, stealing other players' resources
  • because of the changes in the game, namely that a lot less Gen 1 assets were created, The Sheperd introduced Wool Pouches to make the tokenomics make sense. Every wool pouch started with a finite supply with the first 10,000 $WOOL immediately available to the person who minted the pouch. The rest of the $WOOL in the pouch unlocks at a constant rate over four years. During this four year period people can claim any unlocked $WOOL or trade their pouches (with the $WOOL inside it)
  • next Risky Game is introduced with two vectors - no risk, and yes risk.
  • No risk is a path where the amount in your $WOOL pouch is guaranteed. If you were staked when the contract was paused you get as much $WOOL as you accumulated in the barn until the migration to the new contract began. If you were not staked you were given 10,000 $WOOL per day from the time the contract was paused until migration was open. No risk comes at a cost, 20% of your $WOOL profits go to the wolves.
  • Yes risk is well, a much riskier path. You have a 50% chance of walking away with a $WOOL pouch and a 50% chance of the wolves taking it all. The total amount of WOOL allocated to the Yes Risk option is the amount leftover of the 2.4 billion WOOL originally allocated to the staking faucet and not used in the No Risk option. More specifically, it is: 2.4 billion, minus the 230 million claimed previously, minus the amount in Pouches obtained by Sheep & Wolves in the No Risk option.
  • The Shepherd has committed to having his 600M WOOL unlock over 4 years. His WOOL Pouch will work exactly the same way as others’ Pouches.
  • Next land and farmers were introduced. The Sheperd introduced 20,000 Genesis parcels and said that "The most productive, fertile lands in all of Wolf Game are the Genesis parcels. The Shepherd has cultivated these lands for centuries." At this time they also announced that land metadata would be randomized and released before the full game and that has now taken place.
  • Farmers, while not required, help you harvest more resources and progress faster in the game. It is noted in the whitepaper that while Famers are not required to own and operate your land "they are beneficial for optimal gameplay

That's as far as I've made it so far, there are whitepapers on Alpha Game, Gems, and Cave Game and I still need to read through those.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.