The pigs are coming, and they won't be silenced

The pigs are coming, and they won't be silenced

So I don't want to sound like a grouch because I'm generally a really positive person, but I'll be honest - when it comes to new NFT projects I've mostly lost interest. These days it seems like everyone is shilling every project on the planet, they all have a different spin, each hopes to reach the masses and achieve NFT stardom.

At this point, I've become a pretty ape-focused investor, I was an early ape and well, Bored Apes is all I'm really focused on these days outside of a few projects I got in early like Gutter Cats that seem to be seeing some real traction.

With this blog I knew I could go in a couple different directions. I could go nuts and highlight all the new projects coming out, or I could stay focused on the theme of this blog, which is investing, and really stay laser-focused on what makes a real investment vs. a complete gamble.

So you've probably noticed, three out of my last five articles have been about Bored Apes. I think this is a trend you'll continue to see here so if you don't like BAYC, my blog is probably going to drive you crazy. That being said, I also know I can't just write every article about my love for apes and everything they're doing. I do need to branch out and share some other projects that catch my eye and I think could turn into interesting investments.

Which brings me to this article about a new project that's on my radar mostly because the creator seems like he's on a mission, he also seems to be very artistically talented, and no too shabby at community building. Alexander Bodin, who goes by HARTMAN on Twitter launched his first NFT project, SVINS to celebrate diversity and he went a different route by going the non-procedural route.


If you're sensing a theme, you'd be right - safe to say Alexander is a fan of the pigs because his second project is also pig themed, but this time takes on another cause - free speech.

Pork 1984 is a pretty unique project and it seems to be building a solid community while not taking the spotlight in the same way that other new projects have. That's one of the reasons I decided to break away from my Bored Ape focus for a minute to highlight something that you might not find in the top five on OpenSea...yet, but that could be building a strong foundation and trajectory.

Here's a bit more about how Pork 1984 works, and like I said, it's a bit unique and different so worth reading the whole site to really understand the project:

All the Porks are brainwashed and they are grey or their traits are grey. Some are colorful though, which means more rare. Once you hit the “Give Freedom” button you claim a random NFT token. It can be black and white totally, some traits can be colorful or they can be totally colorful. Depends on your luck. Trade it to free more Porks. (Source -

Now these are still the early days for Pork 1984, the floor is 0.03 and what happens next is as good a guess as any. As you probably know by now, I'm not a big shiller so I'm not writing this to say everyone needs to go out there and buy these now or they'll miss out on the next big things.

What I am saying is, this is a pretty interesting project, it might not get the same limelight that we're seeing with Pudgy Penguins or FLUF World, but I think it deserves a look. I asked Alexander if there were a few things he thought my readers should know and he highlighted the following:

  • the creators are all friends from previous jobs
  • the team is already working on companions and everyone with a pork, get's a companion...and you can combine those to get a third NFT
  • they'll be adding an NFT liquidity pool soon
  • picture frames, merch, and nifty slabs are also on the roadmap

In a sea of new NFT projects, it's cool to see what Pork 1984 is doing, I wish them all the best. Like any new project, do your DD, don't believe any hype you read (even here), and only buy art you love from awesome people. Congrats to Alexander and team, I'm looking forward to seeing how this continues to evolve!

Disclaimer:The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.