Three clues I "think" I've identified so far in the trial of Jimmy the Monkey

Three clues I "think" I've identified so far in the trial of Jimmy the Monkey

If there's one thing I truly love and appreciate about Yuga, it's their ability to put together a good mystery and really get us all thinking, guessing, and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. So it should come as no surprise that in true Yuga fashion, The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey starts with, well, Jimmy on the toilet, hands pressed against the wall, wincing in agony.

The day before releasing the video Yuga told us:

Pieces of the narrative will be released along the way, pay attention to the signs - details might be important down the line.

So I, like probably most people reading this, watched this hilarious and outrageously Yuga video over and over looking for clues. I found what I think are 20+ clues but thought it would be worth sharing three that I think might be the most interesting.

Of course, it's still early, and there's a lot going on in this clip so I could be wrong about all three, but we're all one big happy family here so why not share right?

Clue #1 - Mecha Dogs/Apes

In this section of the video an ape in shining armor emerges from the toilet revealing a box that we're all very familiar with since BAYC shared the front of it in a tweet some time ago.

Zooming in on the side of the box you can see what looks like a mecha ape to me:

It looks like a 1v1 battle so this could be a hint at the game coming at the end of Jan and that could include mecha apes. I would have to think this is a sneak peek at what MD vs MM will look like. Looking at Roadmap 2.0 it's pretty clear that MD vs MMI plays a pretty critical role since it shows up three different times.

And can we all agree that MD stands for Mecha-dog?

Clue #2 - There's a secret code

After Jimmy accidentally swallows the key he runs into the bathroom and locks the door in multiple ways, one of those ways involves putting a code into a digital keypad.

It goes by fast but I'm definitely going to do my best to figure out what the code is because it feels like this has to be a clue right?

Clue #3 - butthole key

Okay, I never thought I'd be writing those two words on this blog, but thanks to Yuga, I am. It's hard to ignore the image at the end of the video.

We know that the key is incredibly important - it's the main theme of the video, and in the end we see it sticking out of Jimmy's seemingly heart-shaped butthole. I think this is a clue but don't quite know how to decode it yet. Twitter is going nuts over this one and I'm sure together we'll come up with some good theories.

Currently I'm thinking the pattern at the end of the key might have something to do with an upcoming puzzle.

So I'm keeping this design in my head and also thinking about how it looks when rotated in 90 degree increments.

Ren and Stimpy Vibes

If you got Ren and Stimpy vibes from the video, you're not alone, Yuga co-founder did too:

Okay, that's it for now, more to come!

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